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Chapeltown Cohousing is creating sustainable and affordable homes for up to 35 households. Transforming derelict land into a vibrant neighbourhood with low-energy homes, shared facilities and gardens, recreational space, opportunities for inter-generational connections and a diverse intentional community grown from the local area.

What makes this venture special is that it is run by local people to benefit local people. At least two-thirds of the residents will come from Chapeltown. We are also working hard to make sure that the group reflects the diversity of the local area in terms of age, ethnicity and wealth.

And if you’ve got a bit of capital to invest, you could really help us make a difference. See our Loanstock Offer.


Lots of interest at our recent Field Day on Leopold Street.

Maureen Jones,
Prospective Resident


I’ve spent most of my life here in Chapeltown and I love this place. It’s been home for my grandmother, mother, me, my children and grandchildren. I think cohousing is going to be a great way to keep communication alive across the generations to the benefit of all of us, young and old.

And I really like the idea of extending mutual support beyond traditional family boundaries and out into the surrounding neighbourhood.

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Published 13/7/16   5:06PM

Come and meet us on the Leopold Street playing field!

Published 21/5/16   4:17PM

Home sweet home

Come and join us...

On the last Friday of every month from 6.30pm we have an open evening when anyone can come along and meet us and find out more about the project. We provide bread and soup (at least) – and if you want anything more exotic, just bring it yourself : )

To find out the venue for this month’s get-together, call/text Hannah on 07899 818343 a few days beforehand.