Published 3/10/17  2:13pmby Emlyn Hagan


Becoming Prospective ChaCo Members

by Emlyn Hagan (& Chris Walker)

A couple of weeks ago we became prospective members of Chaco, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind really so we felt now was the time to reflect and write a blog. Chris has lived in Chapeltown for the past 15 years within walking distance of the site, I live in Kirkstall in a flat I’m renovating to sell prior to moving in with Chris.

We’ve both been aware of Chaco for many years, having encountered members running information stalls at various local events but we’d never really seriously considered membership for some reason. We both have friends who live at Lilac and lots of things about the project really appealed when we first visited those freshly installed friends in their new homes in 2013, it felt like a real community. Recently we’ve been planning for the future, talking about what we might do when I sell my flat, etc. Then, out of the blue I noticed a Facebook post from Maeve (now our buddy), a shared friend of mine and Chris’, talking about an upcoming Chaco social the following week at the flat she shares with her partner Nikoli and their baby. We decided to attend and suddenly Chaco was in the forefront of our minds.

We spent the next week checking out the website, looking at plans, discussing finances and coming up with a list of questions. We watched the video on the website and were very taken by Maureen’s enthusiasm, passion and grin. I was pretty nervous about attending the social, Chris tends to be calmer than me but it was great, everyone was lovely, we chatted to folks, Chris caught up with an old work friend (who also lives one street away), I got to wax lyrical about our campervan adventures, I got a cuddle from baby and most of the questions we had were answered. Job done.

On the walk home we decided that we should apply to become prospective members. We let Maeve know straight away and she sent us the forms, she also put me in touch with Bill so we could have a chat about the self build plots. This turned out to be a bit of a blind alley in some ways because we realised that the thing we wanted most was to be active members of the community. Within 24 hours we’d visited the site, spending a good half an hour clambering through undergrowth, peering over walls and through gaps in fences trying to get our bearings, we liked what we saw.

Chris took charge of our application form and did a brilliant job. We’d discussed what we had to offer the community (including a Canadian canoe and a tandem), our skills, experiences and interests. Next we waited……………………. Not too long though as Maeve contacted Chris a few days later to say that we’d been accepted at the previous night’s meeting. Woohoo! At the following social people were really complimentary about our application which was kind of them.

We’re working hard at keeping our feet on the ground, not getting too excited (one of us is doing a better job of this than the other), boringly, I’m acting as the voice of reason. But we are excited, it feels like a potential future is forming before our very eyes, we just need to keep meeting other members and prospective members, attend events and get involved in the community. We continue to meet lovely people at socials, all of whom we clearly have more than a little bit of common ground with, you could describe them as people we’d happy have as neighbours. We even met Maureen a couple of weeks ago, the star of the video and she’s probably even more enthusiastic in person!

We’ll write more as our journey continues

Emlyn & Chris