Published 18/6/14  10:00amby Pete Richardson


Climb the fence and plant seeds

2014-06-12 16.57.28I’m so glad someone else picked the date for the Design Picnic.¬†Last time I picked a date for an outdoor event we had thunder and lightning – just what you’d expect for mid-summer’s day!

Around 100 people came to our design picnic. Most had never stepped onto the Leopold Field before – despite it being a community facility. One boy admitted he had played football on the site but this was only because he had climbed over the 6-foot high spiky fence that surrounds the site.

I was surprised by how many people said¬†they’d like to see allotments and food growing projects as part of the development. Honestly, I didn’t prompt or lead them into it.

The whole event was much more relaxed than anticipated. The kids didn’t need any of our pre-prepared activities but simply created their own entertainment using the piles of cut grass. The adults (who weren’t jumping into piles of cut grass) were content to chat in twos or threes without any need for us to do presentations. The hands-on design model evolved throughout the afternoon with each person adding to what had gone before rather than re-inventing everything from scratch.

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I’m most excited about the swimming pool with slides!