Investing in ChaCo

Chapeltown Cohousing plans to create sustainable and affordable homes for 33 households. We will transform derelict land, in one of the UK’s most deprived urban areas, into a vibrant neighbourhood with low energy homes, shared facilities, recreational space, intergenerational connections and a diverse intentional community drawn from Chapeltown’s diverse mix of local residents.

Our business plan is simple. We will purchase the site and build new housing that is sold or rented to our members. Rental income will cover the ongoing cost, renovations and the repayment of loans.

How you can help

In order to buy land and build the houses we need over £4 million. Most of this will come from the sale of our members’ current property and from a long-term mortgage. But we need your help to provide us with loans to bridge the gap, especially during the building phase.

Your loan can help us provide affordable rental options for people who wish to join our community but don’t own property and don’t have capital. Each £65,000 raised as loanstock will fund another single rental apartment affordable to local residents. Each £6,500 on top of that will ensure it is so energy efficient that even low income occupants will never have to worry about fuel poverty.

Your loan is for a fixed number of years and with a fixed interest rate of up to 4% interest – you get to choose the interest rate.

  1. You lend us some money
  2. We build affordable homes
  3. You earn interest each year
  4. We pay you back after 3 years or more

Be part of something amazing!

To support our project and be a catalyst for change in our community please download our full Loanstock Offer document (PDF 360KB) and check out all the terms and conditions. The form at the end is also available as a Word document (26KB).

Complete and sign the form, and return it to:

The Treasurer
Chapeltown Cohousing
115 Spencer Place

Thank you!

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Short-term loans

This is the total offered to date: we exceeded our target!

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