Website improvements

Like the proverbial painting of the Forth Bridge this is a task that’s never complete. (Although apparently the cliché no longer applies to the actual Forth Bridge.) ChaCo is continually evolving and somehow our website needs to keep up. We’ll always need people to check that it’s up to date, telling the truth, and saying what needs to be said.

English, not code

It’s often assumed that work on the website needs specialist geek skills. It’s true that editing posts and pages requires a bit of IT know-how – but it’s probably easier to learn than (say) Microsoft Word. The main point, however, is that the most important skills required are (a) evaluating whether a page is doing it’s job and (b) being able to write copy that communicates effectively. If you can do that, the only IT skills you need are the ability to browse a website and send an email.

But I don’t know ChaCo well enough!

If you’re new to ChaCo or there are aspects that you just don’t understand… Congratulations! You are probably in the best position to judge whether the website is doing its job of explaining things clearly. Its purpose is to provide answers for people with lots of questions about ChaCo – and “experts” often find it very hard to see things from a beginner’s point of view.

However, you will need enough courage and honesty to be able to admit there are things you don’t understand and point out where the website explanations are missing or just not helping. Or maybe you struggle to find your way around the site. Unless you tell us, it’s unlikely that things will improve – for you or anyone else.

Where to start: FAQs

If you’re a beginner you’ll have loads of questions, and some of these probably ought to be added to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Make a list of the things you want to know and email them to .

The quickest way of finding the corresponding answers is probably to ask several Full Members until you find some who can explain things in a way that makes sense to you. But then don’t just keep your new-found knowledge to yourself: have a go at writing a brief, simple answer that will help others as well – and email it through to us.

Going further

Constructive feedback on any of our communications is always welcome. And if you’re keen to help us do better in this area, you could come along to a meeting of the Communications task group to find out more. If you’re interested in learning how to edit the content of the website yourself, training can be provided. Just get in touch: .