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    Robin Lovelace #4996

    I’ve been thinking about Cycle parking.

    Robin LovelacePlot 20
    Robin Lovelace #4998

    This was an oversight in the original plans by Justin and he seems to be OK with the plan, saying: “I do think the low impact nature of the ‘unbolted’ simple stand is good. It means that more bike parking can be provided without going back to the planners for starters. I think it also allows you to see what happens in terms of demand without making difficult and potentially expensive changes and decisions about the site. If it is shown that more people are coming on bikes than cars, more stands can be placed on car bays. Neat!”

    Bill PhelpsPlot 12
    Bill Phelps #5003

    To be fair, I think we all share responsibility for overlooking this. Probably because we were so focused on getting the minimum number of car parking spaces past the Plans Panel.

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    Robin Tynan #5004

    I like the first type of bicycle storage pictures. They are less intrusive and very functional.
    do these plans include storage for things like mobility scooters which may not fit inside but need secure storage in some cases with power available.

    Plot 25
    Jenny Richardson #5005

    Currently we have nearly filled our car space capacity it would be good to work out how many cars we need in the car share cause if we don’t need 8 there may be a space available, I’m all in favour of bikes but want to make sure we fill the houses still available before committing ourselves.

    Robin LovelacePlot 20
    Robin Lovelace #5008

    Good point Bill, unfair to single out people and glad we found the ‘bug’ in the design sooner rather than later. Like time, space available tends to fill with whatever can fit in so my guess is that if we make more of one type of vehicle parking available more of that type of vehicle will start to appear in the car park. As a non car user I would feel a little bit miffed if all the transport parking space were dedicated to one mode. But totally see the point about filling the houses.

    Bill PhelpsPlot 12
    Bill Phelps #5012

    Jenny: as I understand it, this is a movable bike rack “that can live in one of the car park bays when there is one available”. So going for this solution doesn’t irrevocably reduce the number of parking bays.

    By default, I guess we’d plonk it in one of the bays, but we’d always have the option of moving it somewhere else if absolutely necessary.

    Worth remembering that we’ve always emphasised that no-one is guaranteed a parking space – although we might want to make an exception for registered disabled residents and car pool cars (because car pool only works if people have somewhere to return car to).

    Bill PhelpsPlot 12
    Bill Phelps #5014

    Robin Tynan: Good question. Answer, no – but could you Start a new topic on this in the Design area please? Thanks 🙂

    Robin LovelacePlot 20
    Robin Lovelace #5017

    > By default, I guess we’d plonk it in one of the bays, but we’d always have the option of moving it somewhere else if absolutely necessary.

    Yes, that’s also how I’d see it.

    Plot 19
    Hannah Langdana #5021

    Thanks for thinking about this Robin!

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Homes available

Homes available

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NEW loanstock offer

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Roda Adam and Halimo Roble accepted as PMs

Amendments to proposed Primary Rules

The following amendments were accepted by the group:
• Benefits would favour particularly the Chapeltown area (Required so not seen as discriminating)
• Add wording to officially allow members to attend meeetings remotely
• Re – Section on expulsion from Chaco due to gross misconduct, completely removed, but with possibility of including a more workable version in oursecondary rules. This was particularly around legal problems of excluding a member from a property which they partly owned.
• In arbitration circumstances the deposit payable is based on rental amount. As some members might only rent 1% of
property this could be extremely low so instead amount will be defined in secondary rules.

It was also agreed to a working party made up of those with specific concerns to address the last remaining issue (about purchasing another property) and come up with a working proposal.

Maintenance budget for 115/117 Spencer Place

The GM agreed to the proposed budget of the existing properties

Purchase the land

The GM agreed ChaCo should proceed with purchasing the land.

ChaCo weekend Fri 5 & Sat 6 April 2019

As proposed by Neighbourhood group

Devonte and Kaaron accepted as PMs

Continue fortnightly Hub meetings. Review in March.

Governance: continue for now with fortnightly Hub meetings 6.30pm Thursdays at 39 Grange Avenue. But concerns about excluding those who can’t do this time and about concentrating too much power in a small group of people. Review in 2 months (March 2019).