Homes available

Homes available

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Roda Adam and Halimo Roble accepted as PMs

Amendments to proposed Primary Rules

The following amendments were accepted by the group:
• Benefits would favour particularly the Chapeltown area (Required so not seen as discriminating)
• Add wording to officially allow members to attend meeetings remotely
• Re – Section on expulsion from Chaco due to gross misconduct, completely removed, but with possibility of including a more workable version in oursecondary rules. This was particularly around legal problems of excluding a member from a property which they partly owned.
• In arbitration circumstances the deposit payable is based on rental amount. As some members might only rent 1% of
property this could be extremely low so instead amount will be defined in secondary rules.

It was also agreed to a working party made up of those with specific concerns to address the last remaining issue (about purchasing another property) and come up with a working proposal.

Maintenance budget for 115/117 Spencer Place

The GM agreed to the proposed budget of the existing properties

Purchase the land

The GM agreed ChaCo should proceed with purchasing the land.

ChaCo weekend Fri 5 & Sat 6 April 2019

As proposed by Neighbourhood group

Devonte and Kaaron accepted as PMs

Continue fortnightly Hub meetings. Review in March.

Governance: continue for now with fortnightly Hub meetings 6.30pm Thursdays at 39 Grange Avenue. But concerns about excluding those who can’t do this time and about concentrating too much power in a small group of people. Review in 2 months (March 2019).

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