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Flawed plans for new school

Dixons Trinity Academy want to build two new schools for Chapeltown. Great! But they want to put 980 kids 4yrs-16yrs in one massive building next to ChaCo on a site that’s far too small. Not good for us, the children or the neighbourhood!

Make them think again!

Why are we doing this?

More on the thinking behind this, here.

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OWCH quote

We do everything in teams or pairs. It’s getting easier all the time.

Sheila Nicholson, 80, one of the residents of The Older Women’s Co-Housing (OWCH) group

Getting to know us

Chris Lee is another of our new Prospective Members. What does cohousing mean to him? More>>

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Everyone should have a safe, secure and affordable home and you can help make it happen in one of the most deprived areas of the country. Your investment can change lives and landscapes, now and for future generations and what’s more we are also able to offer an interest rate of up to 4%.

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