Accessing the Members' Area

You’ll need to log in to the site before you can get into the Members’ Area, and for most of you this will involve setting your password…

  1. Click the Login link (at right of menu bar).
  2. Then click the Lost Password link.
  3. Enter your email (the same one you use for the Google mailing list).
  4. Use the link that will be emailed to you to set a strong password. (Save it somewhere safe!). If you don’t get the email, it’s probably gone into your junkmail.
  5. The same email will tell you your username. When you first log in, tick the Remember me box.

After the first time, logging in should be quick and easy as WordPress fills in both your username and password for you.

If you’re a new Prospective Member, congratulations! Once you’ve managed to log in, the place to start is here.

Any problems, let me know. I’m keen to get this working well for all of us, and happy to give IT help by phone (or possibly in person – if needed).

Bill 07474 873791